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Crying out randomly at night

Hey All, my 12 week old has started doing this weird thing (just this past week) where she randomly starts to cry at night. I check the video monitor and her eyes are always closed and 99% of the time she just falls back asleep. One time, though, she cried so loudly that she woke herself up, and so I fed her since I wasn't sure what was wrong (she downed a bottle and went right back to sleep). She has also started to fuss/cry more when I first put her down at night, something she has never done before. She eventually settles but I was just wondering if this is a "baby is becoming more aware" thing or some kind of growth spurt or what. She's been STTN for the past month or so. Anyone else's LO do this weird crying out thing?

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  • My LO will cry out in his sleep sometimes.  If he just cries out once and I don't hear anything else, I don't even get up and check on him.  If it's around his normal time to wake up and eat, I'll check on him but if he's still and asleep, I let him be until he wakes up for real.
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  • I don't know but this has been happening to us lately too. Two nights ago it happened every hour from 2am on. He wakes us up because he's crying...but if we don't go in to give him back his paci he wakes himself up. He is crying but his eyes are closed. It's so bizarre and makes me wonder what's going on with him. Not to mention DH and I are exhausted!
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  • My LO is going to be 6 months in a few weeks and this has become more of a regular occurrence for her, too.  She has been STTN for several months, but in the past month or so, she wakes up periodically crying, fussing, etc... at multiple intervals.  About 70% of the time she goes back to sleep on her own (of course, I'm still wide awake and alert, lol) but other times I have to go in and comfort her and/or feed her.  If it happens at 4:30 or so, there's a good chance she will not go back to sleep, sort of like it's an early wake up day, yay!  This just happened this morning, yawn....
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