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LeapPad or Innotab

i know this has been discussed already but i dont vist the bump nearly as often.

but a family member wanted to get Sam one for christmas and wasnt sure which one. 

is there a difference between the Innotab 2s and the Innotab2?

Re: LeapPad or Innotab

  • Search it on youtube. I like the leappad2, which is what we got for the kids.
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  • I've been researching this all day, lol... we will be buying the Leap Pad 2 after reading lots of comparisons online.
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  • A friend of mine had to take her pink Leap Pad back to the store twice after having problems and the store employee said that the pink ones are having a lot more problems than the green ones. She ended up just getting a innotab instead because she was frustrated....but all the stuff I've read says the leap Pad is a better system.
  • We got the InnoTab 2 to give DD for Christmas.  I read a lot of comparisons and reviews for it and the LeapPad.  I thought both sounded great.  We went with the InnoTab because my friend got one for her daughter a couple of years ago and she loves it.  I don't know anyone personally who has a LeapPad.  My friend's only complaint is that it runs on batteries and she has to change them every few days but shortly after they got it, they switched to rechargable batteries to save money.
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  • Hi Berrybuzz, I know this is super off topic, but I wanted to say thank you for creating your relactation blog. I'm just started domperidone, have had an extremely low supply for months, and your blog gave me encouragment. Thanks!
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