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Hand fixation?

So the last 3 days DS (going on 16 weeks) has thrown me for a loop. His naps are completely crazy and inconsistent, and bed time is hell. This is far from his normal behavior. I know to expect changes, and feel like he is cutting back on frequency of naps, but I have noticed a hand fixation. When he is sleeping or going to bed, he is grabbing for anything and everything around him. His jammies, his balnket, my hand. I gave him a snuggle buddy tonight (Murray the horse) and held it away from his face and he was able to fall asleep a lot easier. 

What is this and what can I do to help him through this adjustment? 

Re: Hand fixation?

  • I found this website explaining the wonder weeks (and when to expect the next one!) to be really helpful:



  • Wow! This website was dead on. Says that wonder week 19 starts around week 15. He is in week 15 going on week 16. This makes sense because he is definitely going through this kind of development.

    I think it may be a combo wonder week, 4 month wakeful? I had never heard of this until I just started exploring this board, lol. It's not that he doesn't sleep at night, it is more getting him to sleep for naps and bedtime. He used to be awake for an hour, sleep for 30min-2hrs. Now he is only napping a couple times a day but stretching out to 2hrs. Also, his nap at 5pm has been eliminated and so the stretch from his last nap to bedtime is pretty cranky. For the most part he sttn, maybe waking once for a feeding.

    Like PP when I give him something small to hold on to he soothes a lot easier. Guess I just need to have some patience and help him get through it! Thanks for the info momma's! 

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