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how many times has your LO been sick so far?

Just curious, how many times has your LO been sick?  We have had a bad run for the last 5-6 weeks with my son....just a couple of days after he's over one thing, something else comes up!  I know it's "normal" in the first year, but it's nuts!

Cold, then Croup that lingered for weeks, then a tooth (not sick but I'll keep on the list), then another cold/high fever, then today went to pedi due to high fever and extreme fussiness...he's got an ear infection and a "really red throat with lots of mucous" - antibiotics were perscribed.

Poor kid:(

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Re: how many times has your LO been sick so far?

  • 2 colds right in a row. As soon as he got better from one, he got another.
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  • 2 in 5 months!
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  • DD was sick once, right around 5 weeks old. Other then that she runs a low grade temp ever time she gets her immunization. 

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  • 3 in 4 months The list includes: hfmd, cold, flu?, cold

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  • Never.  Knock on wood.
  • He had a cold around 6 weeks.  It lasted a couple of days.
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  • About 1 1/2 months ago she got RSV that lingered for several weeks, she's had a cough for about 2 weeks but I think that from the dry air in our house so the humidifier helps.  Right now she has a runny nose and had a slight fever yesterday at 100.1 but her 2nd tooth just came in so I don't know if it's from that or if she's sick! She's still a happy girl though!
  • He is sick this week for the first time.  He has croup.  :(  He is 5 months. 
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  • Started coughing the 2nd day of daycare 7 weeks ago. Fever 6 weeks ago that landed us in the ER. He's had a cough and stuffy nose consistently since starting daycare. As for times... meaning fever vand/or lethargy... I'm going to go with at least 4.

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  • Maybe once but if she was sick it was minor.  Ds on the other hand has been sick a few times these past few weeks.
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  • Once. She just got over her first cold.. and that was right after cutting two teeth at once. It has a been a rough couple of weeks.
  • Once. We are currently on our 1st ear infection.
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