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? for MA-based ASD moms

I know we have a few (and I think some of us go to the same neuro in Lex from reading past posts). I have some questions about ABA providers, please, if you don't mind PMing the answers. 

Who is/was your ABA provider?
Why did you go with that service?
How many hours do/did you do? Did you have to fight to get that many? Was it easy to add more?
Overall experience? 

Thanks in advance. I know we have to do what feels best for us and see what works for the kid, but any feedback is much appreciated. 
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Re: ? for MA-based ASD moms

  • Hi,

    not on here much these days, but I happened to pop on tonight (thank you, insomnia!) anyway, I'm totally curious who your neuro is... DD's neuro is based out of the "autism center" in Lex (we live right next door)... Wondering if we're seeing the same doc, or at least docs in the same practice??

    anyway, dd got her dx at exactly 22 months, and she just turned 5 in September.  Back in 09 when we began all this, we ended up getting ABA services through Milestones in Waltham (they've since closed their at-home ABA division and are now solely functioning as an alternative school for ASD kiddos.) I was cringing at the thought of 25-30 hours of therapy, which is what our neuro was advising. So we started slow, and built on from there. At the time, adding hours was pretty easy- they even had a practice preschool set up at their office where the kids could go with their ABA therapist and build skills they'd need when they turned 3 and entered the public school program. That was a huge reason why I chose them, and I firmly believe that practice preschool contributed big time to DD's success in transitioning to the public school system when she turned 3. Like I said, though, the program's gone. :( 

    from what I hear, many newly dx'd families in this area seem to go with beacon  and advances for ABA services. I actually just came upon another provider in Burlington-  Kindle Behavior Consultants... I'm talking with the about potential social skills groups for DD, but I don't know anything about them and haven't met with them yet. Their website says they offer at-home ABA so they might be worth checking out as well.

    having so many options in this area can be bother a blessing and a curse... At least that's how I felt. Hope some of this info is helpful. :) 

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  • Thanks! I sent you a PM.
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