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NBR: If you have an ipad

I must be a complete moron and am almost in tears..... but I just started it up a couple days ago and feel like I don't know what I'm doing.  Somehow I figured out how to get my apps from my iphone to the ipad and the music too (by some miracle). 

BUT I can't figure out how to get my pics from the iphone over

I can't figure out how to email a picture taken with the ipad.  I GET emails on the ipad--not sure what's wrong. 

I "think" I may have an icloud account---but not sure.  It keeps asking me to start an icloud email address??! 

I can't figure out why it keeps dinging at me.  I finally had to turn it to mute.

I almost feel like I wasted money on this and should have gotten a kindle instead for half the price.  Why do YOU have an ipad vs other tablets?  Maybe it'll make me feel better.

ALSO-- What protector/cover do you have/recommend for your ipad?

FINALLY-- has anyone been to the "genius" bar at an apple store?  Is this something I should look in to?  Is there a cost for it?  I looked at workshops and my store doesn't offer them. 

Re: NBR: If you have an ipad

  • you need an icloud account but you should be able to use your itunes email for your icloud account.  Then you'll have your albums and your photo stream.  Your photo stream will hold pictures taken on any idevice or ones that you upload into your itunes account.

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  • Go into your settings to set up your iCloud account.

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  • Yes to iCloud.  All of my pictures are backed up to the cloud.  Then, I installed the iCloud control panel onto my pc and I can just click on my pictures there and email them or do whatever I want to them.
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  • ugh... I TOTALLY feel your pain.

    I have an iPad too and it frustrates me it is so easy for some people and I have such a hard time with the pics and music too.

    I guess I will try iCloud too.

    What is a "genius bar"? Is it like a help desk ?


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  • We bought a Griffin Survivor case for our iPad at Best Buy. It is pricey and a little bulky, but it was worth it. If we were going to spend that much money on the iPad, it seemed smart to get a very durable cover to protect it.The only things that I don't like is that the rubber grommets that cover the various ports can be hard to open and that the stand is not very sturdy.


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