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Do lactation cookies work?

Hi everyone,

I just made a batch last night.  Do lactation cookies work?  If so, how long does it take for you to see a difference?  My supply dipped when I went off my work pumping schedule to exclusively nursing over the Thanksgiving break, so I'm trying to bump it back up.  Thanks!

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Re: Do lactation cookies work?

  • I've had great luck with regular oatmeal cookies and drinking a beer each night. I usually gorge myself on the cookies (and drink my beer) at night, and then notice an increase the next day. GL!
    Pass the sheet cake.

  • I swore by oatmeal cookies for lactation.  I've never made the actual "lactation" cookies--- but I'd assume there is oatmeal in them.  And as pp said, beer.

    Although couldn't bring beer to work--but cookies worked! =)

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  • I had success with oatmeal lactation cookies (real oats, not quick oats) that included brewer's yeast (the ingredient in dark beer that increases supply). They are easy to make, have an extra protein punch and were yummy. I also ate oatmeal every morning. GL!
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  • My supply dropped after I went back to work and my MW recommended fenugreek - I got it at my local Health food store and saw an increase in my supply in like 24 hours.  Never tried lactation cookies but heard beer works too.
  • No idea, but my lactation consultants used to recommend Mother's Milk herbal supplement.  It has fenugreek and some other herbs in it.  I did see a boost in supply after I started using it.

    Have you tried power pumping as well?  That can help.

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  • Yes, they worked for me. I did oatmeal cookies with Brewer's yeast and it did help. Plus, I like cookies Wink
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  • I thought they helped. And it was a good excuse to eat cookies.
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