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Has anyone done the Dennison Railroad Polar Express?

This is kind of a long shot and I'm not sure which board to post on, but we are considering checking this out. It's about 90 minutes from us and a decent amount of money so I wanted to get some reviews if I can. I found one on Trip Advisor and it was not good so I'm having doubts.

 Has anyone done this and had a good experience?

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Re: Has anyone done the Dennison Railroad Polar Express?

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    One of my coworkers took his son last year and they had a blast.
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    Is that the one in Ohio?  If yes, my friend and her husband took their two kids last year and LOVED it.  They wore PJs, got their ticket stamped, had hot chocolate, etc.  Just like the book.  There wasn't snow (bummer) but the kids loved it anyway.  Sounds like a blast!
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    My sister in law is taking her kids to the one in Cuyahoga Valley, Ohio tonight.  I'll see what she has to say about it!
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