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Can't believe....

Today was LO's birthday! We went to Denny's (most focused on family atmosphere), opened/played with some presents, had a nice steak dinner, and LO had a cupcake for dessert! I was surprised I didn't cry.. I teared up a little bit when putting him to bed but for some reason I thought I was going to be all tears today.

Happy birthday to all other November 27th babies!

(I will try to refrain from posting pics til HDBD... was there even one last week I don't remember)

Re: Can't believe....

  • Awe! Happy Birthday Ethan!
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  • Happy birthday to your cutie pie, M&B! :-) I choked up during the singing of happy birthday, but was surprised I wasn't a mess other than that, lol.
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  • Happy Birthday little boy! My DD's birthday was Saturday and I still can't believe it! I keep looking at her telling her she is 1....repeating it more to make myself believe it. This year went by sooo fast!
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  • Happy Birthday!
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