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Any and all advice is welcome (foster care)

Hello Ladies. I haven't posted here before, but I'm hoping you can give me some guidance. I am an in-home daycare provider for military families living on post. (We are Army.) I received a call from the main childcare office today asking if I would consider being an emergency provider and be willing to be "on-call" for childcare if a situation were to arise. I spoke with my husband and we agreed that it was okay for our family. (I have always respected the need for "family time" in the evenings and weekends and haven't done any extended care past normal hours.) I just received a call and am taking in two children (boy, 4 and girl, 2) as of 8am tomorrow. They have witnessed something quite horrific and I'm caring for them until other family can arrive and gain guardianship.
   I know that this isn't foster care, but it is similar. Since this is my first placement, I'm quite scared. I know how to care for children and I know how to handle their questions and grief in the proper way (I have a B.S. in psychology). I just haven't ever been in a situation like this before. Any and all advice you have as to how to make the transition easier for them and things to do/not do is appreciated. Thank you all!!!
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Re: Any and all advice is welcome (foster care)

  • I agree with Spooko.  With your background and work experience, it seems like your home is a great fit as these little ones maneuver such a traumatic time.  Be welcoming, have structure but be a little relaxed with the "rules", and follow their lead. Having worked with children in trauma, I find that quiet, simple things are best. Doing arts and crafts, playing structured, low key games, establishing some routine, etc gives parameters but also allows children to get to know you as well as maybe let their guards down and/or start building some form of trust and safety. At the end of the day, the goal is that you want them to feel safe with you and in your home until their loved ones are there.

     Good luck...there needs to be more homes like yours to support little ones through such difficult times.  :)

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  • No advice, but just wanted to say you are doing a wonderful thing and I think you will do great.

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