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Dealing with anxiety from special needs?

I constantly obsess about my youngest child and what she does/doesn't do. Each new thing I find I spend far too much time researching and trying to correct. I'm constantly blaming myself for her issues. I really need to get some help for myself but I don't even know where to begin.

Is individual therapy the best route? Is there any kind of support groups available? I know there probably are for parents who have a particular diagnosis but we're not there yet.

Any advice from those who have btdt?

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Re: Dealing with anxiety from special needs?

  • For me, individual therapy + meds. Plus trying to get make sure I get regular exercise and me-time. 

    In my case, the talk therapy only did me so much good. I went for PPA/PPD after DD2's birth, got that under control, then found out about DD1's dx -- not a very good 12-18 months! I'm a pretty high-anxiety person in general and DD1's dx only made things worse -- it took meds to quiet my head, and I literally felt like a different, sane person within eight hours of the first pill. I shouldn't have let it get as bad as it did before trying meds; I put myself through a lot of unnecessary mental anguish.

    I also went back on BCP to target PMDD; it helps a lot to even out the worst of my moods.  

    I was on zoloft for about a year and then weaned myself very slowly, and I've been off it for several months now and feel good day-to-day. For awhile I took melatonin to help with sleep issues that came back as soon as I dropped my a/d, but after about a month I stopped taking that as well.

    I'm still on the BCP and that continues to keep monthly mood swings to a minimum, which means my temper and anxiety don't ramp up as much. I haven't found a support group; I meet moms through preschool and talk with them, and post here, and have found DD1's therapists to be very supportive as well. 

    I hope that helps. The stress is no joke. It sucks, but you can feel better than you do if you get the help you need!  


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  • I totally agree with lite-bright. My crazy story started almost 5 years ago when our second son passed away. A year later we adopted and within 5 months it was getting clearer than he was delayed. So we started the diagnosis journey. A year and a ahlf later he was diagnosed with autism and Fragile X Syndrome. ADHA was just added 2 months ago. Throw in a bunch of female related surgeries for me, a back surgery for dh, ds1 AND dh being diagnosed with ADHD (yes, all three of them!!!), and huge medical debt from all this.

    I started seeing a psychiatrist after Alex passed away and then faded that out. However as new burdens have been added, I would go see her again every now and then.

    About 3 months ago I sat down on her couch and said "I am done being strong on my own. Pls give me meds."

    "I've never prescribed you anything? Wow, you are one strong women," she replied.

    "Yes," I said, "and I'm done with that."

    She prescribed zoloft and, lets just say i love my 'happy pill' and that it has made a huge difference in our famil life. For example, dh gently told me that I was being a little strong with the kiddos on Satuerday night, and was it b/c I've been spending too much time with my mum? No, it was because I ran out of Zoloft before Thansgiving and hadn't been able to refell it. Now, all is well.

    So a long post to say that you aren't alone in the anxiety of having a SN kiddo. Left Hug

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  • I worried about DS2 all the time between the ages of 18 months and nearly 3 years old.

    It was distracting.  I had a psychologist tell me to back way, way off scrutinizing him, that he would certainly pick up on my anxiety and that would do nobody any good.

    She offered her services if I needed someone to talk to, which was nice.  Smile

    If the anxiety is overwhelming, by all means talk to a professional.  Don't dismiss the application of meds for you to help you cope.  And 100%, if you are not already doing it, exercise.  30 minutes of sweat producing, out of character, uncomfortable exercise every day can really help the whole picture.


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  • Thanks for the advice/support ladies.
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