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When to test...

How early/ When did you take a HPT?

With my 1st I was getting false negatives for awhile. I decided to test today. (one day before AF is schedule to arrive) I feel like I have early PG symptoms, but maybe its wishful thinking!!  I am hoping I am just not fortunate enough to be one that BFP shows early and I get a BFP later this week!


Re: When to test...

  • It really depends on your body. I had five negative tests when I was pregnant with DD. Decided to wait until I was 7-8 days late lol. Are you testing first thing in the morning?
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  • Everyone is different. I got a negative at 8 DPO (I knew it was too early but I couldn't resist) and then a faint positive at 9 DPO. I was leaving on vacation so I was anxious to test before we left. But I know others who don't get it until they've already missed a period.
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  • With my ds I had several negative tests before getting one at 14 dpo.  With this current pregnancy, I got a strong positive at 11 dpo.  It just depends on your body and your cycle.  
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