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How do you transition LO from home to preschool?

I went back to work when DD was 6 months, and we have shared a nanny with another family who has a little girl the same age as DD.  The two girls are pretty much sisters - they love each other and fight occasionally.  Both families have decided to have the girls start preschool full time in Jan., so we will no longer have our nanny.  The girls will not be attending the same school.  How do I make this transition easy on DD?  We have visited the school several times - the last time, I actually left her alone for a little while in the classroom and she had a great time and didn't want to leave.  On our way home, she asked where the other little girl was.  I just told her that she was going to a different school and this school is DD's school.  DD seemed ok with that, but then she asked where her nanny was.  I told her that she was going to school because she is a big girl now and we'll still see nanny sometimes.  I've also explained to her that she will go to school and mommy will pick her up after work(which is similar to now - DD sees me when I come home from work).  She was ok with that, but I'm not sure how much she really understands. 

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  • I took DS to preschool a little bit at a time.  For example, for his first "trial" period, I took him in for about 3 hours.  Two days later it was for a few additional hours.  Two additional days later, a bit longer.  I did this over a two week period.

    The purpose of this was to get him warmed up to a new environment even though he had participated in our Sunday morning church's childcare, Tuesday morning Bible Study child care, and every other Friday Mom's Morning Out church child care.

    DS is a big extrovert so he didn't require a lot of coaxing (talking about preschool).  I'm sure your daughter will enjoy it and do fine.

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  • It won't take too long to transition and she will make new friends. We moved DS1 from a daycare to a preschool when he was almost 3. He adjusted fairly quickly, just a few weeks. They were so busy at school he hardly had time to miss his old friends. He would talk about his old school friends for about 6 months every now and then. If it is a family you are close with I would assume you will still see the other little girl and they will likely keep their bond.
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