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DS just turned two and he has been Dx'ed with developmental delays, mainly a speech delay. His pedi suspects autism and we are in the process of moving forward with testing for that. He has speech regression and no longer speaks (it has been about six months since the last time he spoke a couple words, and before that he went through a 8 month period of no talking after speaking a few words).

His main form of communication is grunting and screeching (more so grunting though). When he started the screeching I would tell him to "Shhh" or "No screeching/screaming" and he would immediately start to cry and get very upset. DH and I both think that it is because it's his way of "talking" and us telling him to stop is like telling him to stop communicating. Is that silly to think that?

Lately at playgroup or at playgrounds (indoor at the mall) he has started becoming more social with other kids and while playing with them he starts screeching every now and then, which then makes other kids start screeching too. The parents of the other children tell their kids to stop usually right away and I kind of feel conflicted if I should as well. I think it his way of communicating so a part of me feels bad to ask him to stop. It's not like he's screeching the entire time, it's just once in a while. 

What do you think? Screeching to him is a way of communicating or completely unnecessary and should be stopped? 

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Re: Screeching advice

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