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 My son is 3, and has a sever speech delay. He is listed as a nonverbal communication, and has less then 10 words he says.  He also suffers with spd, and goes to Ot and Speech once a week. 

  At the start of the summer we went ahead and applied for Special needs, and after 5 months, they tested him,wrote up an iep and assigned him to a special preschool, for 6 hours a week. Because it was summer, and his bday is Sept 3 was the hold up.

   They also want him to attend normal  preschool, but can't assign him one. They gave us a list, and while most of them offer VPK, they are all full because of the timing.

   His speech, Dr, and Ot would like him in the special prek, 5 days with a certified teacher after some issues with daycare. His school keeps saying they can only do the least restrictive amount legally. 

  His speech is not improving, and his speech therapist wants to have him tested for aprixa at the start of the year. His teacher thinks he is doing fine, and shouldn't worry about retesting him yet. They want to remeet in 6 months and by then, I can apply to have him in school for next year. 

  While I don't want to shell out 1k for preschool, if I have to, I guess I have too,  but I really feel like normal school for him is not what he needs, but the school seems to disagree. 

   I am so lost on what I can do. Every issue I bring up, they counter that a special ed teacher will travel to his school once in a while, to help his teachers understand him, that he needs to be in with normal kids. 

What would you do in my shoes?  

Re: School advice

  • My son started school at 3 because he is profoundly deaf.  He now has bilateral cochlear implants. He attended an ESE classroom for 3 and 4's all day for a year.  This year he is half day in the ESE and half day VPK.  In our state and it may be true everywhere.  The school system takes over at 3.  We had to fight for his services this year especially.  The school is required to provide DHH services 3 times a week and speech therapy 3 days a week as well.  He is entitled to the LRE, but that doesn't always mean mainstreamed.  It depends on your individual child's needs. 
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