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Agencies in Texas

Does anyone know or can recommend a reputable adoption agency in North Texas south Fort Worth area that offers a payment plan. We can afford a child but some agencies seem to want a few thousand all up front.

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  • We are going to be using Catholic Charities of Dallas (not sure if they also have a Ft. Worth office or not).  Here is the break-down of when costs are due:

    $250 - application fee

    $1500 due at 1st homestudy interview

    $1500 due one week before first seminar

    $5000 due within 15 days of notification of completion of home study

    remainder of fees: due at placement of child

    I haven't asked if they have any sort of payment plan for the "remainder of fees" part in case you don't have all the money you need at that point in time, but you could definitely contact them to ask.

  • We are using Gladney in Fort Worth. They have a sliding scale of fees, and you pay in 3 separate portions: 25 percent of the total fees when you turn in your paperwork, then 50 percent upon approval, then the final 25 percent at placement.

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  • Generations is in Waco, and we are doing IA (not DIA) with them, but we love them so!
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  • I also wanted to say that you shouldn't be discouraged by the fact that agencies often require larger amounts of money early on in the process.  I would guess that few families have this kind of cash in hand when they start out on their adoption journey - I know we didn't (still don't, in fact).  We've been saving for about a year and have less than half of the money we need in place.  However, we have enough money now to pay all of the fees we will need to be in the pool of waiting families, and we should have the rest saved by the time we are placed with a child.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is, don't let the money discourage you too much.  You can take some time to scrimp and save until you are comfortable with the amount you have to get started - it may take a few years, but in the meantime you can be educating yourself as much as possible about adoption and all of the issues surrounding the process.  GL to you!

  • Independent Adoption Center has a pretty great payment plan before the matching process. They are one of the agencies we are considering. I believe they have a Dallas/Fort Worth office.
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  • I think that is where Buckner is. 

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  • We've connected with Adoption Choices of Nevada, but I know they have an office in Austin called Adoption Choices of Texas. Don't know about a payment plan, but like a pp said, don't let the money discourage you. Talk to the folks at the agencies about how to manage the upfront costs. They may be willing to work with you if you ask.
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  • We used Children's Connections in Lubbock.  They have a payment plan based upon where you are in the process.  But if you have a quick match and placement you could still be paying everything closer together than you thought.
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