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Anyone's child have an MRI?

My ds went to a neurologist for a consultation.  He has had many issues since birth that are getting increasing worse as he gets older.  They are sensory, gross motor, attention, anxiety.  The neuro is sending us to a developmentalist for further testing and wants Jack to have an MRI.  I am unsure about putting him thru that and am not convinced that it is needed. 

Can anyone tell me what is involved?  I don't think Jack could handle it and don't want to traumatize him.  With his sensory problems he does not tolerate loud noises.  Any information anyone has is helpful.

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Re: Anyone's child have an MRI?

  • I replied on the parenting board but Chris will be sedated before his MRI.  He's been having seizures/tics every day and on top of that, he has eye nerves that were too large for his age.
  • The whole thing is pretty easy.  DD #1 has already had an MRI and DD#2 will have hers in Dec.  All you do is make sure they don't eat or drink after a certian time the night before (they should tell you).  If they are sedating him (which you could ask for if it would help with the sensory issue) and they they start an IV, it makes them sleepy and they pretty much sleep the whole time, and my DD (she was 10 months old) slept the rest of the day and night and was fine the next morning. 


    I hope all goes well for you and your son! HTH

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  • My son was sedated before he went throught his MRI.  The only part that sucked was that he has to fast and therefore he was dehydrated and they could not find a vein.  They poked him a good 5 - 6 times.
  • My LO had an MRI at 3m.  She was sedated so she was unaware of the procedure.  As a pp indicated she could not eat for 4hrs prior (breastmilk).  I think it is longer for "real" food.
  • My son has has about 8 I guess.  They sedate him beforehand and has done well every time.  We do both with and without contrast every single time, and he's never had a problem with any of it.  There is very little to worry about at a good peds hospital!
  • DS has had several. They are a piece of cake. But, compared to 2 brain surgeries... I suppose anything would be a piece of cake :)


  • I work in peds neuro, so we send kiddos all the time for MRI's. The most common thing we do with patients is order sedation. Some parents do not want their children having IV's/sedation for a number of reasons, so the hospitals here offer a sound system type thing where the child wears noise cancelling headphones and an listen to any CD they want. When the person doing the scan (or a parent) needs to talk to them, it simply interrupts the music and goes straight through to the headphones. HTH!



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