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Self Care Check-in

Last week was Thanksgiving, among all the festivities did you find any time to take care of yourself?  If so, what did you do?

This week's challenge:  Last Monday of the month, you choose. 

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Re: Self Care Check-in

  • It was a pretty stressful week.  DH has a new work schedule, so we don't have our date night anymore.  And, with Thanksgiving, we hardly had any time alone this week.  But, we were able to carve out a couple hours Saturday night for some Mario Party.  I know it doesn't sound like much, and I wasn't exactly taking time for myself, but it was fun and relaxing in its own way.


    I have no clue what I am going to do for the challenge this week...

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  • I have been doing horrible with the taking care of myself thing lately.  DD has been sick with fevers often, so I had been focusing on just taking care of her.  I developed headaches and nausea over the course of the last 2-3 months, and just thought it was related to whatever flu or whatnot that she was getting.  Finally, my DH told me that I should go in and get it checked out.  Well, I did, and they took blood at the appt to rule out anything (pregnancy included!).  So, last Friday (yes, a day after Thanksgiving, when I had my entire family still at our house), I got a call from the doctor saying I needed more blood tests because of what they found.  And an ultrasound.  Not good.  So, for today, I am going to try to do a little yoga, and pray for the best. 

    I wish I would have taken better care of myself earlier- so these check-ins are a must!  Please keep them going. 

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  • I purposefully went out shopping with my SIL on Black Friday. It wasn't crazy and we went someplace for a quick bite to eat and coffee so I guess that would have been the taking care of me part.  :-)
  • We got the kid's second opinion diagnosis confirming autism the day before we hosted Thanksgiving. Was a rough week. Family was very keen on comparing kiddos and telling me how "all kids" do this and that. I took time on Saturday to go see "Lincoln" and buy all of the things at Target. Spouse took the kid to the aquarium yesterday so I could decompress, too. 
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  • I skipped Thanksgiving all together and DH took A over to see his family. I played Wii U and slept, but still not the best time and not how I pictured this Thanksgiving even a few weeks ago. His family is pretty huge, they all know whats going on now and his cousins son is within week so DD so I didn't feel like hearing it. Of course DH told me how impressed everyone was that A could read all her numbers and letters...I wanted to be proud of that and I guess I am but knowing the circumstance its a little tough.

    We went BF shopping which is a family tradition for us while MIL watched A. I faked a good time for DHs sake...probably a poor fake because I did cry a few times. I bought a few toys for A but then batteled whether or not they were appropriate.

     Finally yesterday we went and saw Aerosmith, we had fifth row center, so we were close to the stage and catwalk. That was probably the best time I have had and most enjoyment I've gotten since all this came to light.

    All in all I'm doing better....much better than I was. I try to keep my mind set on helping A and not let it drift back to the Whys and what ifs.

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