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I first saw my ob at West Chester, and have had a wonderful relationship with her. Since she is a part of the UC health group, she only delivers at University hospital. I have never had any experiences there, therefore I'm curious if anyone has? Ideally it's the best with our insurance as my spouse works for UC and we have nearly 50% off if we use any of their services. I for sure will be touring the unit.



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  • I delivered there 5.5 years ago.  It's definitely not the most plush birthing environment, but it was absolutely fine.  At the time, the maternity ward was brand new.  All the rooms are private (which is a huge plus, IMO).  The rooms are small, though.  And babies must room in - there was only a NICU - no regular care nursery.  The staff was really good.  I seriously loved all my nurses.   For the right doctor and the $ savings, I wouldn't hesitate to go with University.  You can arrange for a tour and make a decision from there, though.
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  • I delivered there 9 years ago with my son. It was an Ok experience, took the anastesia fellow 5 trys for the Epidural. But having a baby made the enviroment not bad. I forgot all about it once the little one came. I am expecting again and as of now I am going to a UC group but I am not sure I want to deliver there again. UC is the low income hospital for births and the unit is not as plush and fancy as other hospitals in town. Staff will take great care of you during delivery but for me the environment does matter. I know I will not let them circ this little boy. They are not the greatest at that. They are know for a UC circ.... I have worked with some of the docs that do them : ) Over all they have great staff and doctors so that part is great its just the area of town, ED patients, etc... Good luck and in the end a healty baby and mom is what matters!
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  • i delivered my daughter there almost 2 years ago and i had a wonderful experience.  I worked there so I had no other choice and was very hesitant at first but was pleasantly surprised.  Because I had their insurance 100% of everything was covered, I only had to pay for the doctors.  Also since I had private insurance only attendings and fellows were involved in our care.  Let me know if you have any other questions
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