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Wanted to give ya'll an update. I talked with our EM pretty much all day and night last night. She is doing ok. She talked with her husband and she cried and cried to me. She said she didnt want to scare me that she just needed someone to lean on to get out her feelings. She says she doesnt regret her choice of us as parents just that she wishes she was able to take care of her daughter. Her older daughter is able to see her whenever she wants so that is making things better for her. She has one dr appointment tomorrow and I will be going to see her for her u/s on the 8th. I told her that I dont mind when she vents to me, and i am always there to listen, but that I really think she should consider the offer of a therapist who has dealt specifically with adoption issues because her dr doesnt have a history with this. I talked with her psychologist and she agrees that having another dr help would be great. The more people that our EM has to lean on the better time she will have dealing with this. Thank ya'll so much for listening to me and giving me your input.
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  • I'm so glad things seem to be a little better for her.  I truly hope she takes you up on that advice, to speak with an adoption therapist.  She's lucky to have you in her corner, I'm sure it means a lot to her to have someone that cares so much.

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  • Glad the visit went well and perhaps you can remain focused on her and the baby's health.  I get sad for my EM every time I think about the fact that she won't be raising her child, even though I am so psyched to become a mom.  And the roller coaster continues...

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