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New to the board..need to vent

Hi all,

I'm new to this board and am currently almost 24 weeks pregnant...that almost counts because I've had a rough go of it so far. With that said, BD and I were together about 5 months when I got prego. I got so sick and was in the hospital during my 2nd month so had to go stay with him when I got out. His ex-wife (mother of his twin girls) showed up and started flipping out that I was there (and screaming that he told her the only reason I was there was because I didn't have any other friends to take care of me). She then proceeded to punch him in the face repeatedly, to which he responded by punching her back (omg yes this happened). So I began questioning the situation and come to find out he'd been sleeping with her on the side! I was done from the moment I saw him hit her back, but then the cheating just put icing on the cake. I started seeing red flags for all sorts of things about 4 months in but was kind of in denial. So here's the rest...he also has a history of sleeping with women under the age of 18 (didn't know that until after). And his older daughter would cry that she didn't know how to keep all of daddy's secrets any more. 

I cannot bare the thought of him having my baby girl in his care for even a moment because of all the psychological damage it will cause her, but I fear I won't be able to stop it.

Advice? Thoughts? 

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Re: New to the board..need to vent

  • What sucks is courts usually don't do anything about...anything until it's already been done to the child. I have some family who went through some very tough things. And finally it was bad enough that the courts finally realized "hey we should maybe remove the child out of the home and make the other parent get custody"

    But the damage was already done. He is 11 now and just now getting that well deserved break from the sh*t head parent. He was all bruised up and tons of psychological damage.

    But before this the courts never did anything about it. Even knowing the parent had drug problems and some arrests for some "minor" acts.  


    The best you can do on your part is keep an eye open and be the good parent. And that doesn't mean keeping the child away from the other parent because legally you can't do that. But being loving and supportive and just making sure the other parent isn't able to hurt them.

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  • I would try and get sole custody and supervised visitation!! That is all just ridiculous and I would be scared he would harm the baby somehow. IMO.
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  • Wow, first pat yourself on the back for recognizing a BAD situation..

    I agree with pp, seek sole custody..Get out now..So sorry! 

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