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good eats for you or baby?

Hi all. I have what might be a really silly question. Does having good/bad nutrition during pregnancy really affect the baby or is it mainly for the benefit of the mother? I heard somewhere that the baby will extract (bad choice of words) whatever nutrients it needs from the mother, whether she is eating well or not. For example, that's why so many women have dental issues after pregnancy because baby is sucking more calcium than what is being consumed.

Now whether this is true or not I'm not sure. Right now I would kind of like it to be considering my nausea is so bad the last few days I've barely eaten anything.

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Re: good eats for you or baby?

  • just try to eat healthy for you AND baby :) since your nausea is so bad just eat what you can for now...and try taking a gummy prenatal so you're getting enough vitamins and stuff. yeah i had TERRIBLE dental problems after my first pregnancy :/ but most of it was from throwing up all the time
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