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Running with LO

At how many weeks/months did you start running with LO in the running stroller? My LO is almost five months, and I miss running soooo badly. Thanks!
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Re: Running with LO

  • I think most jogging strollers will say somewhere between 4-8 months.

    Dylan was born in May, so I didn't run with her until after the first winter (and in ND winters are Nov-March), so she was probably 10-11 months when we first went.  She loves it now and tells me, "Faster Mommy!"  I also sold my jogger with swivel wheel and bought a used one with a fixed wheel just so I could run with just her (while other 2 are in school).

  • I started with the car seat adapter in my Bob Ironman (on smooth roads) when my son was a few weeks old. No bumpier than walking and he was supported in the infant car seat. He is now almost 3 and is still a great running partner. Good luck!


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  • The lawyer language on the box will give you one guideline.

    Your instincts should tell you when you feel comfortable. If it fully (or nearly fully) reclines, and the head is adequately supported, I didn't see any problem with it.

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  • It's usually recommended that you wait until 6-8 months before running with them unless you're using the car seat adapter. Before then their back and neck muscles may not be strong enough to support the jostling.
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