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  • I am in the office...only running on 2.5 hours of sleep but I am here all day!
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  • Hello 2mommies - Ugh - 2.5 hours? 
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  • My mom and I Black Friday shop every year. It is a tradition in our family. We plan strategy over lunch/dinner: make lists, mark ads, plan store order and who is going to get what. It is crazy but fun. After it is all done, we go eat breakfast. I go home to nap and then go to work a few hours later.
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  • How was your Thanksgiving?
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  • It was pretty good.  Low key with just the three of us.  We didn't even eat our meal until 6 ish.  How was yours?
  • Good. Busy as I cooked everything for the whole family (8 adults and 6 kids) but that was kind of what I needed to survive my first Thanksgiving single I think. My cousin came over a bit early and helped and we talked (we have always been pretty close despite our age difference). She of everyone really gets it since she went through similar issue that I went through with her husband, granted he actually agreed to counseling and they eventually worked everything out BUT she gets it.

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  • I am at work as well. I have worked every Black Friday for years because so much of my department travels for the holidays. It isn't bad because it is typically pretty slow and I can get a lot done (I've already cleaned out my desk or old paperwork and have done my self review for my evaluation. I am about to work on my data entry.)
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  • I'm going in at noon.... not looking forward to it.
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  • I'm not working, but we are on our way to MIL's. I think I'd rather be working.
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