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My 1st Baby is 18yrs old!

Wow huh? Now that's a long way between don't you think? This will be my 2nd baby virtually a generation apart. Everything is so new and DIFFERENT!

Re: My 1st Baby is 18yrs old!

  • That is really awesome! Congratulations to you! Big Smile
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  • Mine too.  I had DD2 in February and in August I took DD1 to college.  Yes, everything is different now!  But it's so much fun to have the two ages and see them interact.  Enjoy.
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  • You sound like me!!  My daughter is 18 and my son is 5 months old. LOL!  Everything has been totally different & there are so many new things out now. I'm enjoying everything & it's so awesome!!  I'm ready for baby #3 now. LOL
  • Good for you and good luck.  My youngest is 6 and I thought I had a too many years apart!   This will keep you young and yea everything is different after 18 years so is your 18 year old there to help out?  Its great to see how the 2 will react with each other.   
  • I am so glad I am not alone in this HA lol. I have a 15 year old in high school and expecting this little one in early Feb. Everything is so so so different.....just from baby products they have out, to how the "rules" have changed....sleep on tummy vs on backs. We should start our own board....mothers of newborns and teens lol
  • Great news and your 18 year old will give you plenty of help I am sure.  
  • I agree, My firstborn will be 19 and my "baby" will be 12 when I deliver!  My DH jokes that I act like it's my first time being pregnant.  Seriously, it feels like it!
  • My daughter is 18yrs and my son is 14yrs so all of this is pretty new for me also. You are definitely not alone.

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