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Anyone having issues with EDD?

Hi All,

Our baby is due any day now woo hoo! but I am so stressed out with EDD. I filed my claim online 3 weeks ago. It states its currently still pending my medical provider form with Kaiser Permanente sent 2 weeks ago. I got through to EDD last week and the person couldn't confirm whether the Kaiser information was received, but said to give it another week, which would be today, and still nothing. I am now having no luck getting through on the phone lines. I sent in an email via askEDD yesterday and another heated one today, hoping that will do something. Has anyone else had issues with this? How long did it take for you to get your claim approved through EDD and to start receiving payment? Seriously who wants to be dealing with the stress of EDD with a newborn on the way and the holidays around the corner?! Ugh.

Thanks for your help!

Re: Anyone having issues with EDD?

  • Are you referring to state disability?  (I don't pay in with my job so I don't qualify) or are you referring to estimated due date?)

    At any rate, of it is regarding disability, had a friend not get it until a month or two after she delivered ... something about her work messing payments up.


    Edit: oohhhh, yah, not a clue for unemployment...Did you get a copy of the form that was sent?  Or could Kaiser refax it or something?

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  • I work in HR and I am hearing from our employees that their payments are delayed anywhere from 5-6 weeks. 
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    I work in HR and I am hearing from our employees that their payments are delayed anywhere from 5-6 weeks. 


    I am scheduled to deliver in April and have been desperately doing my research to figure out how to avoid this delay as much as possible. Two coworkers just recently gave birth and had serious issues with EDD. One girl never received her check throughout the 12 weeks that she was off, and the second has yet to receive her check. She is going on 5 or 6 weeks of maternity leave. 

    So far, what I've found out is that you can't avoid it. EDD is so bogged down with disability claims, and very understaffed, that they cant seem to possibly process anything very quickly. I have sent numerous emails and been trying to call every day for a while now, and I cant even get through to a real person. 

     As this is an older post, perhaps you have now received your check?  If so, let me know how long it took to arrive! I'm trying to figure out how long I need to plan to be out of money.

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