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Pediatricians in Anderson Area??

Hello all! We are expecting our first baby girl in March! Such an exciting time for us as well as a learning experience. We currently live in the Anderson area, and are looking for any recommendations on peditricians in the area. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :)

Re: Pediatricians in Anderson Area??

  • I live in the Anderson area as well and am due in March too!  It is our first baby as well.  I go to Group Health for OB right next to Kroger/Kmart off 5 mile.  There are a lot of great pediatricians in that med center.  I'm currently trying to choose ours as well.
  • LOVE Anderson Hills Pediatrics. They are just great. We go to the Amelia office but they have an office in Anderson too, just off 5 Mile. Good luck!
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  • Anderson Hills Pediatrics here too, we see Dr. Shrader at the Amelia office. They also have a really great lactation consultant, if you are planning on breastfeeding.
  • I third Anderson hills pedi!! They are wonderful!! We see Dr McGovern!!

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  • Thank you all! We will definitely be calling them this upcoming week! Smile
  • I am using Eastern Hills. I saw them as a child and when we went in for the meet and greet I loved them. They have a new office right next to the hospital.

    I am a FTM though and haven't been to them since I was a kid.

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