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Hi Ladies

I have been posted a bit here and there..My divorce proceedings are in motion, STBXH has moved out, so it is just my toddler and me..we share custody but I am the primary parent..

My anniversary is on Saturday, it owuld have been 5 years..I'm not sure how I feel, not sure how to handle it..Any thoughts?  What have you divorced/seperated ladies done to celebrate or mourn the day?


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Re: Hi Ladies

  • On my would have been anniversary I had a friend come over and we had lunch with the kids and purged the office. We did lots if throwing away. It was very helpful to have someone with me that day. It would have been 6 years for me. So I understand. Hugs sweetie I'm much better now that everything is over with.
  • Helloooo to two of my favorite single mom bumpies!!! ((group hug))

    C- I chose not to celebrate my anniversary. Ex and I were still cohabitating, but I had already filed so for all intents and purposes we were roommates. So it was just another day for me, I either worked or did typical weekend stuff with A.

    But congrats again on the progress you've made in recent months!! Getting your ex out of the house was a HUGE step!

    xoxo to you both

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  • HH!   Hey girlie!   The ex was already out and living with the new girl.   Like HH said, its just another day.  I didn't even cry.   I did throw my bouquet at him the next day.   so that was fun.   LOL
  • I didn't know you two were over here!!!! Yes to a group hug..Lets hang out..

    Thanks for the advice..Ill let you know what I ended up doing..I won't have C (with F3) so maybe I'll indulge in a bit of adult activities..Wink

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  • Yup I'm over here now too. Te ex cheated on me and wanted a divorce. He told me in Feb that he didn't love me. Then the divorce was finalized in aug.
  • It would have been 6 years on Sunday for me. my family is in from out of town still from the holidays and they apparently have some grand scheme to keep me out of the house and my mind off of things.
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