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So angry, I am shaking

As I was getting my six year old ready for a bath tonight I noticed a decent sized new bruise on the front of her privates. It's swollen and she is not letting anyone near it. I also found another bruise on her lower leg that is clearly fingerprints. She has severe apraxia and shuts down under stress, so we have no idea who did this.


tomorrow I will take her to the pedi, but wtf do I do other than that? She's been off all afternoon, even her SLP noticed, so it clearly happened today. I'm completely lost and angry and sick.



Re: So angry, I am shaking

  • Oh no. I'm so very sorry; that makes me so mad for her and for you!

    Here's some information that might help:


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  • is it possible she fell climbing the monkey bars at school and the leg bruise is from someone catching her? 

    stay calm. don't worry until you have to. and Hugs  

    WAY 2 Cool 4 School

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  • Unfortunately this is not the first incident she's had at school. A couple of weeks ago she came with bruises on her rib cage from a little boy who kicked her.

    i'm calming down, but still upset.



  • I would think the school would need to involve CPS..most likely.  I don't know though.  P had some bruising down there and on her inner thighs and I freaked out..we realized that it was her giddy up and go horse causing it, needless to say he found a new home.

    I'm so sorry you are dealing with this, I hope you get the answers you deserve. 

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  • Do you like the school principal? That would be my first step after the pedi.

    Hoping it was an accident.  

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