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anywhere chair

for those that have bought this, do you suggest the over-sized..or is the regular big enough...not sure how long they use them, it is for my grandson that just turned 3.



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  • DD1 will turn 3 in January and she is 90% for ht and wt. The regular size is plenty big enough for her and several of her stuffed animals :)
  • thanks so  much for replying!


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  • We bought the oversized only because it was cheaper than the regular due to being on sale at the time. I love the size because we only have one adult chair in our playroom, which our cats often steal, so I can comfortably sit in the anywhere chair to nurse the baby while my son plays. I think the regular size would be perfectly fine, but the oversize could last a long time. My husband even sits in it pretty often.
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  • Regular. I got the regular size for both my kids when they turned 1 and my 4 year old still has tons of room to grow in his.
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  • regular and usually on sale on black friday. Bought mine last year.
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  • We got the oversized lounger, which folds out into a little bed. Love it!

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