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Moms with Hyperthyroid....please help!!!

Moms I really need help! I was diagnosed as having hyperthyroidism about two months ago and have not started any treatment as I see the specialist next week. I haven't even been tested yet to see what the cause is. Well, I am pregnant! I just did a pregnancy test today as my period was 4 days late and that never happens. 

I know that there are risks associated with untreated hyperthyroidism, my Dr. specifically said to "hold of on growing our family until I could get tested to determine the cause" of my thyroid condition. We were careful and used precautions, in fact the last time we had sex was the last day of my period (sorry TMI).

I'm just panicking now, I want a healthy baby! Has this happened to anyone else? I see my family Dr. tomorow but was just hoping for some reassurance. Thank you in advance. 

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Re: Moms with Hyperthyroid....please help!!!

  • I haven't been in this situation, but I did just see my specialist today and he thinks I have Grave's disease.

    I asked about TTC for  a 3rd, and he said it shouldn't be a problem but we could talk about it more at my next appointment.

    My understanding is that you need to be closely monitored.

    I hope your appointment goes well and that your Dr is able to give you some constructive treatment/advice from here. 

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