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my ex husband served me papers

Today I was served papers from my ex husband (who is deployed by the way) stating that he wants full custody and that I only deserve every other weekend visitations. My stomach is completely in knots because of the things he has accussed me of! I'm pretty much a bad mother because I work full time and can't make every function that he has, while his new wife can (she doesn't work). That I never make him bathe, or change his clothing (seriously!?!), that I can not financially take care of him because I already have 3 kids with baby number on the way, I have a great paying job, a brand new SUV, and a 2500 sq ft house, I would say we're doing pretty good. He's even went so far to try to use my 12 year old against me, because he got into trouble at school! I have given him pretty much everything he has asked of me! He wanted our son to go to school by his house, I agreed (it's 20 mins out of my way), he wanted him to continue to go over there to his wife even though he is deployed to keep him on his schedule, I agreed. He wants to take him home for Christmas, I agreed, annnnnd I even agreed with him staying here in the states to finish school before he moved to Germany to be with us. We leave in Jan for Germany, and my ex is supposed to be going there in June. I'm lost on what to do and could use any advice.

I have started looking for a lawyer, but it's hard being a Sunday, when I want to talk to someone NOW! My kids are my everything, and I work hard to make sure they have what they want/need.

Brian Shawn 15 years old; Ethan Jonathon 10 years old; Greyson Conrad 5 years old; Keegan Ryan 3 years old

Re: my ex husband served me papers

  • imagetifanico:

    He can talk a lot and say whatever he wants to say. Does he have actual proof of being a bad mother? Nope, so even though I understand how frustrating it is, he has nothing to go to court for.

    It sounds that you have been good at compromising and communicating and that goes a long way in court. 

    ALL OF THIS. And also, he is in the military. They USUALLY don't grant someone full custody because as you can see they deploy. I would still talk to a lawyer, but in my opinion he is just trying to ruffle your feathers!

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