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Sudden jump in weight?

Let me start by saying... I am in the military and have always had weight issues so avoiding huge amounts of weight gain is a real stresser during my pregnancy. I understand weight gain is a part of this and I am not putting my child second to my "weight" 


so... I am 19 weeks today. My weight was pretty steady for the first 16. However in the past three weeks I have gained 6-8 pounds (I have gained 9-12 the whole time). The variance is due to time of day I weigh myself. Is it normal for such a huge jump in such a short period of time? Has this happened to any of you?

i don't eat too much, yes more than before but not extreme, I run and walk, and I drink tons of water.

 Am I over reacting? :( 

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Re: Sudden jump in weight?

  • I say always weigh yourself first thing in the morning or it just isn't accurate.

    Anyone can gain 3-5 pounds in a DAY based on how much food and water is in their body later in the day. It's really only somewhat accurate if it's right after you wake up.

  • Check with your doc. This may be completely normal, especially if you weighed yourself in the evening and usually weigh in the morning. However, if it is concerning you-ASK. Your MD knows your health history and how your pregnancy is progressing, and would be a great source of helping you out. I am assuming you have no previous cardiac problems since you are in the military. Also, you have probably already thought of this, but have you been craving salty stuff and ingesting more salt lately? That would definitely lead to a big overnight water weight gain. Good luck.
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  • I'm 22 weeks now and have had a huge weight gain in the last couple weeks. I've just been starving all the time, and with the holiday there has been food everywhere. I'm sure a lot of the "gain" is water weight from eating salty foods. (I notice a jump in my weight after eating Chinese food that levels off in a couple days.) I think the baby may just be having a growth spurt too. My bump has gotten noticeably bigger in the last week or so.
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  • Me! I was doing so well and then boom I had a weight gain jump. I have decided to stop weighing myself at home and just at the doctors.  I cant do anything different. baby is growing.

    I eat healthy, workout 5-6 days a week, teach muscle classes, etc.  It is what it is. I gained 40 lbs with my son. I just happen to gain alot. all belly and boobs. :)

    Dont worry I know its hard. just an FYI, by the time my son was 5 months I was back to my wedding weight.

    What also helped me was I would have them weigh me while I was facing backwards. I think I gained 40, but who knows. it could of been more.

    good luck!

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