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Okay, I know this site is mostly about our kids but I don't know where else to go to figure this out. I love my daughter but would eventually like more but that means I eventually have to find someone I would allow near my child. That hasn't happened and I don't know if I am being normal picky or am so worried about keeping my 3.5 year old's life stable and her safe that I can't picture allowing anyone in her life. The most I have seen anyone in 2.5 years is 3 dates. I don't even know where to meet new people at this point. I love my friends but they are all married and baby-making away so they aren't exactly up to heading to a single spot to meet people. I feel screwed.

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  • I know exactly how you feel. I have been single now for 2 years and I have been on a couple of dates. I want to meet someone but the thought of them in our lives makes me freak out. My best friend of 11 years confessed his love and I thought perfect, but he lives on the other side of the country and it just didn't work and I gave up before even really trying. I have no idea where to meet people. I am a photographer and pretty much just deal with families and other than that, I spend my time with DD. I tried online dating, but it was so sketchy. I feel screwed too
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  • I don't think what you're doing is wrong. You should be picky! Sometimes people are too trusting of other guys around their children and they end up regretting it. Your child is your own flesh and blood and I think they should always come before a guy. You are just being a good mom! As far as meeting people goes, I have no idea how to go about meeting people when all of your friends are married.  It sounds lame but perhaps you could join a local group or club (that is if you can find the time) in your area. You could meet people there or at least participate in activities that will get yourself out there. You dont necessarily have to find a guy in those groups, but maybe someone who is in a similar situation as yours and you and that person can find somewhere to go together! Put yourself out there every chance you get, even if it is with co workers or current friends. You never know who could tag along and you will meet! God has a plan for you and he knows when and where and WHO you will be with. Just have faith and patience, and wait for fate to put you in the right direction. I think when you meet the right guy you will KNOW right off the bat. Good luck and dont give up. You sound like a great mother and there is somone out there looking for you too :)
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  • I joined a Single Parents group after my divorce to make some single mom friends. Some of my friends were avoiding me, I think, because my divorce was casting a shadow over their happiness. While I didn't make any long lasting friendships from that group (it was very difficult to coordinate meeting since we all worked and had chilcare issues)  I did meet a very nice guy, a single dad. I wasn't looking for love when I found it :) I admire you for your restraint. My ex introduced his GF to my son within a matter of weeks. I waited about 4 months before I very casually introduced my DS to the new man, at a group function for the Single Parents group. An year later, DS sees the not-so-new-guy maybe once a month, as I don't want him to get emotionally involved with someone I'm dating, even though we are in an exclusive relationship. It makes it harder to spend time together as a couple, but my priority is my son!
  • Thanks for responding. I feel better knowing that others are having the same problems. And I didn't even know there were single parent groups out there! Really appreciate the time you all took to respond, 
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