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My LO finally got on the OT swing.

My LO has SPD and has been in therapy for over 6 months now.  He has always avoided the platform swing or any other of the swings.  His OT said he was vestibular avoiding and that if we could get him on that eventually it would be huge.  So we have tried, without traumatizing him, more like allowing him to explore it and he might go and put a foot up on it but nothing more.  The OT has kept at it.  The other day at OT he actually got on it and let her swing him, then he laid down on belly and she swung him and he actually fell asleep on it.  This was a huge step for him after more than 6 months to be making progress in his vestibular area is huge.  I just wanted to share good news.

Re: My LO finally got on the OT swing.

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