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35 weeks Now, Broke with ex at 12 Weeks, He's moved on Already

So last night, I contact my ex-boyfriend to advise him that I was being induced in 4 weeks and that I have requested that he not be in the delivery room with me which he was perfectly ok with.Then he lands a bombshell that he's moved on...Let me give you a little background

Now, we were not this amicable for a few weeks after the break up. We constantly got into verbal fights, never agreed on anything and it just got to a point that I had to change my phone number. While breaking up was the best decision I've ever made for both myself and my daughter, it was extremely hard to cope with. I fell into a pretty severe depression and had to go to intense therapy 3 times a week for 4 weeks. It allowed me to grieve the relationship properly, understand what went wrong, let go of resentments and say good-bye.

Now I don't know what he's gone through to get through the break up considering he wrote letters to me that I was the love of his life and he wants his family back and so on and so forth, but I knew he hadn't changed and during our relationship, he refused to take responsibility for any of his actions so... I wasn't going to eat up his words and take him back.

Fast forward to today, when he told me that he has moved on with someone else just 4 1/2 months shy of our break up, and to my request no less... he did! Now when we broke up, he kept asking for permission in a way to move on. He kept asking me, "Well should we see other people?" "Should I move on?" What I told him was that he didn't need my permission to do what was in his heart or mind and that my personal opinion was that he needed to be alone to work on being a better father to his 7 year old son (from another relationship) and and his daughter in the making by getting his *** together. It's his life and he's going to make whatever choices he feel is right and I can't be mad at him for that even though a part of me thinks he was trying to get a reaction out of me by telling me, which he didn't.

I have to be honest... after his admission to moving on, it hurt me. Not because I want him back or that I want him to grieve over our relationship the rest of his life, but that it was so easy for him to move on so fast and I haven't even given birth to our daughter yet. Sad I understand some people enter into rebound relationships, or they deal with break ups in a very shallow fashion but I never anticipated him moving on so suddenly or having to introduce my daughter into some woman's life that I don't even know so soon in the game. It hurts very very bad. I feel stupid for being so hurt about this considering everything I had to go through in therapy to get over our relationship and I don't even want him back. I'm very confused about all of this and I just hope this feeling passes sooner than later.

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