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Why is the high road so darn hard!

So i'm going through a divorce. STBX has given me nothing in the 2 months i've been moved out for our son. He was paying my cell phone. I found out some stuff about him (soliciting prostitues on craigslist, going out on a date, having parties) and I had enough. I called his mom and told her everything. I am mainly mad b/c he was posting pics of our son on dating sites/craigslist, saying where we live his age and his name!

So I get a call from him last night, of course I let it go to voice mail, he says he's cancelled my phone, but would still like to see DS this sunday like we had planned. (he's only seen DS once a week and has shown 0 interest in seeing him more. I text him that I think I'm busy sunday. I know I'll end up taking DS over to see him but it makes me SOOO mad! I'm tired of this jerk thinking he has all the power. Man there is soo much stuff i'd like to say, but I am always holding my tongue. Thanks for the rant:)

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Re: Why is the high road so darn hard!

  • WOW yeah I see how this could be frustrating for you. However remember by taking the high road you are making yourself look great incase anything ever has to be taken to court. Be a saint and don't ever give him ammunition on you. Luckily his whole escapades and what not are going to make him look BAD if he ever is dumb enough to try to do anything to you out of spite legal wise. Keep yourself looking good and kill him with kindess as hard as it is. You are doing the right thing for you and your son. What he is doing with your child on the internet and stuff is WRONG and could be so dangerous. I would ask him to not provide information about your child on the internet. Because it is also YOUR child. If he wants to be difficult, let him. Just remember, you are the one who has the upperhand in this situation because you are acting civil and mature and appropriate. Keep being the better person :)
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