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Gift for OT?

DS works with an OT from our county's services about twice a month for eating issues. Because he is failure to thrive, we also see a nutritionist about once a monthy. We do not pay for these services. I was thinking of getting them each something for the holidays - most likely, a gift card. Is this appropriate? How much is a good amount? I was thinking Starbucks, but does anyone else have opinions?

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Re: Gift for OT?

  • I'm an OT and while I never expect gifts, the best gift cards I've received have been Starbucks and Target. Any amount is appreciated and helps therapists feel loved, but I typically see between $5 and $10.
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  • Last year, I gave my DS's EI therapists edible treats. I felt awkward giving a gift card.  But I knew his DI loved Jelly Belly jelly beans, so I got a gift assortment for her. And his ST got a tin of cookies.

    I think if you want to do the Starbucks gift cards, $20-25 would be the max I'd go.  


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