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  • Dear SLP at the IEP transition meeting,

    Sorry, but I just didn't have the energy to explain that my child's lack of speech has nothing to do with his hearing loss. His receptive and cognitive scores at age, the expressive is 2 years behind for spoken English and at age for sign language.

    Why did you even bother to ask if I was planning on sending him to a Head Start or daycare/preschool? Why would I send him to a program that will not be able to understand what he is saying/ signing? We are quite happy with our local school for the deaf. Maybe in your world that is not the LRE. In our world, sign language is freeing and not restrictive.

    We really hope that next year when we revisit his placement options you can get on board. Right now I feel nervous about it.


    Mommy who Signs 

    WAY 2 Cool 4 School

  • DS,

    We need to get back on track to get you in a routine to go potty again even if you don't actually pee or poop in the toilet.

    I want to try to listen to you and your body but how will I know you are ready if you don't show me you go potty or tell me. I took a break for both of us to see if you would go. That did not work.

    The OT has gotten you to work for goldfish crackers and I might as well cave to get you to do it that way too.

    frustrated mama

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  • Dear DD,

    I know this is not at all your fault, but please stop having fevers.  I am scared $hitless of this, and I don't understand why you are the one who keeps getting them in our house, although I know that we have all felt gunky lately.  Every few weeks is really tough, and you seem so tuckered out from them.  I hate group daycare, and wish I knew someone that I could trust for inhome, but I don't.  I know that this is just making your immune system stronger, but I could live with not having a 104 fever every couple of weeks.



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  • Dear M,
    I know that you know how to sleep, thus is evident by the previous few months. Just because you missed your nap because you refuse to sleep anywhere but home, does not mean that you  get to scream like someone's murder you when it's bedtime.  You are over-tired, key word, tired, give up and go to sleep.  Throwing your bottle and turning on the waterworks will no longer work..their is really no need to keep, 'testing' me every few months!

    Your momma

    Dear P,

    It's not halloween anymore, you didn't even use your dr costume, so tell me why you've worn it 5 days straight!  Was it really necessary to wake up at 4am in freak out mode about your dr outfit?  I should not of had to change you into it OR searched for your dr bag and bring it to bed with us.

    Love your super annoyed mom about last night sleep issues. 

    DD1(4):VSD & PFO (Closed!), Prenatal stroke, Mild CP, Delayed pyloric opening/reflux, Brachycephaly & Plagiocephaly, Sacral lipoma, Tethered spinal cord, Compound heterozygous MTHFR, Neurogenic bladder, Urinary retention & dyssynergia, incomplete emptying, enlarged Bladder with Poor Muscle Tone, EDS-Type 3. Mito-Disorder has been mentioned

    DD2(2.5): Late term premie due to PTL, low fluid & IUGR, Reflux, delayed visual maturation, compound heteroygous MTHFR, PFAPA, Bilateral kidney reflux, Transient hypogammaglobulinemia, EDS-Type 3

  • Dear ds,

    You sat very nicely in Cracker Barrel last night, and even dad and I had a pleasant time.  I'm glad you enjoyed your pancake, and even ate a piece of sausage without too much coaxing.

    Keep it up kiddo!

    Love mom 


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  • Dear Insurance,

    You're killing me here. We've had a stander on order for 4 months. You're taking your sweet time giving a yay or nay. Because of your hold up my child is still in a loaner and we're not so patiently waiting. FFS, say "no" and let EI pick up the tab. Just give us a bloody answer already!!!




     Dear Petite Fleur,

    I know you're almost 2. I know you're trying to be independent and you're frustrated that you don't know how to be. I understand that by refusing to eat you're showing that you're in charge of you. But baby girl, you're 32 inches long and only 19 lbs. That's not good. And even worse, it's not WHAT you eat but WHO you eat for. I can't be the only one you eat for. Mommy has to work.

    I love you and want you to grow up big and strong.



  • Dear B,

     I am sorry that I didn't take into consideration that my returning to work would affect you. And I don't really understan why it it so much since nothing has changed for you. I drop you off and pick you up from school everyday like I always have. Is your stomach ache a bug you've had for 3 weeks but not thrown up? Is it anxiety? Or are you testing me about staying home since you know I can't keep you home since I work now? Either way, I am done with fighting with you to get out of the car.

    Love, mum

    Dear I,

    I know that your SN's make you need a steady routine, and me going back to work has thrown your world for a loop. I am trying to make the transition as smooth as possible, and it is hard for me to leave you. Especially when you are crying. However, you want the bottom line truth my love? I have to work to pay down our crazy debt which is mostly your medical and therapy bills.

     I love you and know you will not be scarred for life, mum.

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  • Dear Coworkers,

    When I ask if a document is available and you say, "Yep." Please send me the document and try not to be funny or cute. My child gets all of my patience and what little patience I have, my MIL uses up. So, there is none left for you. Don't be funny don't be cute.



    Dear Potential Nannies,

    If you say you don't smoke but your breath smells like cigarettes, I am on to you. Also, I am not spending the same amount I spend on my mortgage on paying you a monthly salary. I cannot afford to be doing that.



  • Dear LA,

    Mommy loves that you have an independent mind, but you have got to stop telling your teachers "no" when it is time to do something you don't want to do.  Sigh...  On a positive note, I am really proud of you for using the potty three times this week.


    Dear DD2,

    Speaking of potty, you HAVE to get off of my bladder.  Seriously, it is too early for this nonsense!  And WTF is up with you not liking pizza or Mexican food??   

  • Dear SLP and secondary MHT,

    Can we please do therapies that give us progress instead of just playing? SMHT, Owl doesn't need to be redirected to me anymore, she seeks me now, we need to move on to something else. SLP, I get that you want your intern to get practice without you there but Owl isn't benefitting from playing for an hour without getting help for her speech, place be present.


    The quiet mom who will have a big voice if you don't get it together
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