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Enfamil Gentlease vs Gerber Soothe??? Advice.

I am debating switchg formulas. B seems to be pretty fussy on the enfamil gentlease and everyone keeps raving about the gerber soothe? Any experience.  

I hate to put her on different formulas and don't want to mess up her poop schedule but she is constantly acting umcomfy. Gassy, scrunched legs, she grunts and moans the whole time she is eating even after just a half ounce. I am not sure if this is the formula or something else.

 Also if I do switch can I mix the two formulas or should I just 100% switch. She was breastfed for a week, and has been in the formula for three weeks today. Is it too soon to switch? She is gaining good weight and has a great potty routine so I hate to switch formulas if it may not even make a difference. 



Thanks in advance, :) 

Re: Enfamil Gentlease vs Gerber Soothe??? Advice.

  • Would you mind saying how she was before vs after? :)
  • Okay thanks, no need to apologize I just wondered. When you went cold turkey did it change her poop habits? Or did anything change? I'm thinking we are going to switch when all of her enfamil is gone. Unless I find someone else who uses it. Hate to throw it away :( 
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  • I am thinking about switching too but we have only been on the gentlease for about a week and a half so I want to give it a bit more time.  I hear lots of good things about the Gerber Soothe.  Is it ok to change again?


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  • imageallierhiana1:

    Oh, I'm sorry, sure.  She was "colicky" with a lot of gas, fussiness, seemed to be straining a lot.  

    Since switching to Soothe, she's less colicky.  She's still gassy, but its a lot better. 

    we tried Similac Advance & sensitive and the enfamil newborn with our DS, and he was horrible on all 3. We had him on the gerber gentle and was still fussy/gassy so we switched him to the soothe and he's a wonderful baby. we had to do gas drops for about 3 wks until he learned he needed to burp/fart, now he burps/farts like a teenage boy (LOUD!!!)

    i highly recommend the Soothe and our Pedi swears by it and he's in his 70's

  • love love love Soothe.  We have a gassy girl, but she still does really well with it!
  • Thanks guys, I am going to get the soothe tommorrow, if I can find it. And hopefully start it when she finishes her enfamil. :) 
  • Thinking of doing the switch from enfamil gentlease to gerber soothe... Any other experiences or comparisons ?
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