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Breathing a little easier

I had my A/S appointment yesterday and what a relief it was to hear that everything continues to look good.  After my 1st tri screening came back with a high risk for downs, I was a little apprehensive going into this appointment but my quad screen bloodwork came back normal.  Doctor said everything looks good with the baby's organs, heart, brain and we got visual confirmation we're definitely having a girl (even though we knew from the MaterniT21).  Doctor was a little concerned with the blood vessels in my uterus saying they were a little constricted but nothing I could do about that now and he'll just monitor me a little closer.

The only downside was that we were hoping for a nice profile picture to show the family over Thanksgiving but little baby girl was not cooperating.  Instead she was too busy practicing her downward dog during the whole appointment.  We did get a nice picture of her mooning us though :)

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Re: Breathing a little easier

  • So awesome!  I love seeing the little ones on the screen!  Congrats on a continued good report.


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  • LOL at the mooning!! But congrats on a great scan. It is such a relief to see everything in detail and know that all is well. My scan is next Monday and I can't wait!
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  • Great news.  Maybe she will be a yoga instructor when she grows up.
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  • imageCountry Girl in the City:
    Great news.  Maybe she will be a yoga instructor when she grows up.


    Congrats on a great scan! It really does put your mind at ease (as much as it can be anyway) doesn't it?

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