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seeking a PT nanny in 78704

Hello, im searching for a PT nanny who will come to our home 3 days a week for 6-8 hours (biz hours) who is OK with dogs. This would be starting in June 2013. I'd rather have someone from word of mouth rather than randomly picking someone off If anyone has a recommendation for me, please send it. I am a first time mom and clueless as to where to start. I'd be very grateful.

Re: seeking a PT nanny in 78704

  • St. Edwards University is not too far from you. I would contact them or UT to see how to get in touvh with Education majors who may be interested.
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  • thanks. im hoping for someone over the age of 25, but i'll see what i can figure out. i was hoping to get word of mouth recs for specific nannies from people on here, but no such luck so far.
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  • I have no recommendations for Nannys- Sorry. I did, however, notice that you are in my same zip and thought it may be fun to chat with you. What Dr. are you using?
  • Hello! We're due in June and will be looking to nanny share in Sept. I work from home on Brodie and WM Canyon I if youd like to discuss ideas.
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