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DS having MRI

DS2 is having an MRI with a contrast agent done. Has anyone ever had a child go through this? I'm wondering what I might expect from the procedure. Was your child sedated? How did he/she react? I'm trying to prepare myself.

Re: DS having MRI

  • As Auntie directed you, the FAQ's have some great answers to your questions.

    DS1 has had 2 MRI's.

    If you have any more specific questions after consulting the FAQ's please feel free to ask. 

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  • That's a pretty descriptive post; thank you for pointing me in the right direction.
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  • DS was 5 when he had an MRI of his brain for headaches and vomiting. He was able to hold still and do it without sedation. I have had MRI contrast myself with no issues. Good luck to you both!
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  • Ds has numerous MRIs and was sedated until he was about 8 or so, he used to panic. No troubles with that now, he naps while listening to music. He never reacted to the contrast, but the sedation made him goofy.
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