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IEP meeting what to expect?

We're having our first IEP meeting this week, and I would like to know what and whom to expect there. DS is 3.5 and never went through EI ; he was recently evaluated through committee for preschool special education.

I would just like to be prepared for this meeting. Any help and/or advice, please?

Re: IEP meeting what to expect?

  • The people there are usually the ones who did his testing, also a regular classroom teacher should be there (though they often aren't), and someone in supervisory position like the principal or director of special education. Typically the therapists or teachers go over with you the testing they did and how your son scored.  Then they will talk about their recommendations for services or why they don't think he needs services.  They will discuss how many days/week, what the goals may be for him, etc.  My understanding is you can request copies of the reports they write 2 days ahead of time so that you can look them over and aren't looking at all the information for the first time in the meeting.  It can give you a chance to already have some questions and see if you think it's a valid representation of your child.  Hope that helps.  


  • Yeah, I would definitely try to get a copy of the report in advance so you have time to look through it and think of questions to ask. That really helped us.
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