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Giving a kiddo with SPD a nebulizer treatment

Hey there,


Just need some quick advice!  My son has come down with bronchitis and was sent home from the pedi today with a nebulizer and all that jazz.  They gave him 1 treatment at the office and it took 3 of us to hold him down and almost 30 minutes.  I've never seen him get so upset as I did when the machine kicked on.


He needs 3 treatments minimum a day.   So does anyone have any tips on how to make it go smoother?  

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Re: Giving a kiddo with SPD a nebulizer treatment

  • Favorite TV show, favorite snack, and just hold the mask as close to his face as you can.   

    Can you ask for an inhaler w/ a spacer instead of the nebulizer?  Way faster and much easier.  Not sure if its as effective for bronchitis though, I've found it WAY easier for asthma treatments.

  • I would ask DH to issue the medicine and I would hold DS down.

    There are those times when you are by yourself. I would use my legs gently to hold DS in place and use my hands to hold the mask. I did this when DS had bronchitis when he was around 2.

    Last time DS sat there but he was much older.

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  • My 3 year old (ASD and SPD) requires frequent nebulizer treatments for asthma. As time goes on, he has gotten better about just doing them, but some of our tricks include:

    • letting him watch his favorite shows on the iPad or phones
    • having him work for Oreos
    • using headphones if the machine noise is bugging him
    • using the mouthpiece instead of the mask and hold it between his mouth and nose to get the optimal amount of treatment
    • one of us will hold him and the other will keep the mouthpiece in place
    • allowing him to take drinks during the treatment (he doesn't mind albuterol as much, but the pulmicort tastes nasty)

    I think that is about it.  I hope your little one starts feeling better soon.

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  • I had the same thing last year, my son gor bronchitis and SVN's were ordered.  It was like wrestling an alligator.  I found what worked for me was to put him in his high chair and explain and show him what I was doing.  Then asked him to help mommy hold the mask, which freaked him out, so we ended up using the mouthpiece with cotton stuffed in the other end.  If you can get it close to their nose/mouth, even if they are crying that will help.  After 2 days of this he held it himself and no crying.
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