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Is there any reason to keep a kid in a resource room if they are on grade level and don't cause a distraction?  Matthew needs support with timed assignments because of his handwriting.  He knows what he wants to say but has difficulty getting it out.  


I am did contact many private schools (out of anger) a few weeks ago and they all said 3rd grade and up.  Matthew is reading on grade level, in on level for math.  He struggles with the output with writing because he has a hard time forming his letters.  I will be asking for an AT eval to look at computer skills for him.  He is wonderful when he types on the computer for me. 

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    So you want him exited from the resource room?

    What does resource look like where he goes to school? Who else is in there with him?

    LOL, I fought to keep DS in resource through elementary despite being on grade level for RELA for a number of reasons. The class was smaller which allowed him less distraction and more individualized attention. The instructor was more qualified than the general education teacher, not only around LD issues like written expression and dyslexia, but also around autism and how it impacts comprehension of fictional material. The kids in DS's class were all kids with subtle LD type issues; with the exception of one boy (who is at a technical school) they've all gone on to college. It was a good fit for him.

    What sort of support is he getting? Does an aide work to keep him on task to redirect him? Does he have a scribe? You could probably argue that the aide should be with him in the mainstream as his LRE. Can you get him an Alphasmart?

    Yes, I want him in a typical class with supports.  I would prefer a mainstreaming approach where there is a co-teaching experience.  In the district I live in, that set up is in middle school but not in elementary schools.

     As of now there are 5 boys in the resource room and they get all of their literacy and math instruction there.  The district's "policy" is to have all instruction of kids with IEPs in elementary school done through a resource setting.

    As of now he has a shared aid in the classroom where he has science and social studies.  He doesn't need support to stay on task.  That he is able to do well.  The social report also has that written in it.  It said that the only redirection he needed was to start the lesson the observer was there for.  It noted he was one of two of the best behaved kids in the class.  At the time there was a mixed 1st/2nd grade class.  They just switched it to a straight 1st and straight 2nd grade model.   

    He doesn't have a scribe.  I'm trying to figure out appropriate modifications right now.  I don't want to give up on handwriting itself but want to find ways to build supports in for him.  We are going to be asking for an AT eval and an IEE for OT.  The OT didn't tell us much other than to not show the same findings as the ed eval and psychological.  It also disagrees with the teacher findings. 

  • I had a long response and the nest ate it.  I hope it tasted good nest :)  I'll get back to you in a few.  I am typing (wanted to anyway) out my concerns with the testing so we are all on the same page tomorrow.
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  • Just got back from the meeting.  While he is on grade level and exactly where he should be for his grade on reading (1.3 level) but the other kids in the typical class are more advanced (all above where they should be).  We agreed to keep Matthew in resource for 2nd and 3rd marking period and look at things for the 4th.   The team felt that Matthew should try typical reading with supports for the 4th marking period to transition him typical 2nd grade reading with supports.  The team projects by 3rd/4th grade he can be completely serviced in mainstream.
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