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Could possibly end up here

Huge marriage and life issues, bottom line I am temporarily living at my mom's/grandparent's 2 bedroom house until I can figure things out with spouse. Can't live with him due to his anger issues/verbal abuse. I have absolutely no money, no job, nothing. SAHM. He is the provider. So tell me, what do you single women do for work, childcare, and expenses? How do you make it? I am looking into jobs I can do. I am going to try to donate my eggs in a month or so. But need to find some kind of work to financially prepare myself for the worst. Any resources would be gladly appreciated. Also I would like to find out more information about custody laws in case we do end up splitting. We live in CA. Also, specifically how does a judge determine which parent is best fitting to be the main caregiver? I am all new to this stuff, so any advice would help, also feel free to share your story if you are in a similar situation. Me and my husband are seeking counseling together in a few days along with individual sessions for myself.
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Re: Could possibly end up here

  • I'm sorry your going through this situation. I went through a similar situation. We tried counseling like once, but his views would never change. I couldnt remain married so someone who stood by thinking bad things about me. Emotional abuse is tough. You need to think long term happiness, for you and your ADORABLE LO:).

    That being said, you should look into assistance. I live in Ohio. I finally broke down and went to job and family services. I get food stamps and medical assistance for my son and I.

    If you ever feel like talking/venting feel free to PM me. Good luck.

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  • You're state laws should easily be accessible online. If you were working during your marriage you might be entitled to spousal support as well as child support. Most lawyers offer free consultation. My mother, grandma, aunts, friend etc all had their own opinions of what to do when I was pregnant and single... .sometimes they have good advice and other times it isn't what the law says.
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  • I am a single mother in So Cal, and I ended up with the kids.  If you want custody you need to file first and you will automatically be granted temp custody until the trial.  If you are seeing a psychologist and things get nasty, they can write a note detailing the abuse which will help your cause.  I live with my parents and am on WC an food stamps right now.  As soon as I can work, I will be.  If you are in LA County and file in Pomona, there is Self Help Center that will get all of your paperwork for free and help you fill it all out.


    Good luck and sorry you are going through this!!

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