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For those of you that were supposed to deliver at NYU in the next few weeks, where have you been displaced to? I've been displaced to Mt. Sinai and am concerned about capacity there. Everyone I've spoken to thus far who was supposed to deliver at NYU is being sent to Sinai - is anyone being sent anywhere else???


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  • My OB is affiliated with NYU Langone. I'm too early in my pregnancy for this to affect me, but at my last appointment, she told me that she has been delivering babies at both Mt. Sinai and Columbia. So, yes, it looks like people are being sent elsewhere.   
  • I'm being sent to NY Downtown. It's SO far away, and not nearly as nice as NYU. NYU, please, please reopen before March!
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  • I'm due to deliver at Mt. Sinai instead of NYU in about two weeks.  It depends on where your doctor has privileges.  I took the NYU childbirth prep class and they said that some practices are going to Lenox Hill and now NYU Downtown.  It seems like the majority are going to Sinai though.  

    I'll do my best to come back on to advise about capacity but obviously what is going on when you go into labor can't really be predicted!  

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  • Hi - I'm a reporter at the local news website DNAinfo. I'm working on a story about moms who were supposed to deliver at NYU but have had to make other plans. I'd like to speak with you for my story. You can reach me at lalbrecht [at] dnainfo.com. Thanks, Leslie
  • At my last appointment - they did not yet know where I would deliver.  Maybe Downtown.  I heard that Mt Sinai was too overcrowded.  I'm due the first week of February.  I don't know if NYU will be open by then.  I'm thinking of changing practices.  Does anyone know a good obgyn who delivers in park slope, Methodist? If anyone has delivered at Downtown, please let me know your thoughts. 


    To the person who is writing the article, can you post it here when you are done? 

  • Sure, I can post the story. Are there any questions in particular that you'd like the story to answer? I will be talking to NYU for the article.
  • It sounds like different practices are going to different locations.  I am with Cityscape OBGYN and I think they are at St. Lukes.  As I live in Brooklyn - that is a disaster for me.  I could take hours to get there if I get stuck in traffic.  But mostly - I am worried about overcrowding.  What happens if they just run out of rooms in the maternity ward?  Are there enough nurses / breastfeeding nurses to take care of the higher crowds?
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