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Natural birth friendly OB/GYN in Katy or Sugar Land

Hi Ladies!  For the third time (but 4th baby) I find myself looking for a new OB.  I need help finding someone in Katy or Sugar Land (I live in Richmond) who is natural-birth-friendly.  Because of insurance and family reasons, I need to stick with a hospital birth rather than home birth or birthing center.

 Also, any commentary on natural birth friendly hospitals in these areas are greatly appreciated.  I've delivered at Women's and 2 different Memorial Hermann hospitals so far.

 Any recommendations?  I've heard great things about Bethany Peterson in Katy but alas, she's not in-network on my insurance.

 Thanks in advance for your help!

Megan D.

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Re: Natural birth friendly OB/GYN in Katy or Sugar Land

  • I go to the Katy office of Women's Health Care Center of Houston.  They deliver in a variety of hospitals and have several doctors.  They seem to be totally fine with what birth plan you would like.  With my twin pregnancy they are very non-intrusive.  I would definitely recommend giving them a call.  They also have all lab work and u/s in house so you do not have to go to the hospital or different office for these things.


    I really like them but my only complaint is sometimes they can run a little behind so my appointments can take an hour or so. 

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  • Hands down, the best and most natural childbirth friendly Providers in the area that I can recommend would be The women's specialist group. You can choose to go with their midwives, or their OBs. The midwives are phenomenal, and the obs are top notch.

    The hospital that they have privileges at is also phenomenal. TCH Women's Pavilion Has telemetry units available, Deep Jetted tubs to labor in, Squat bars, birth balls, and natural childbirth friendly nurses.

    They love doulas, aromatherapy, they encourage your own iPod for music, and I just generally 1 of the most natural friendly hospitals in this area.

    I know that that is not near Sugarland or Katy. If that hospital is not available to you, just let me know and I can give you a review of any of the hospitals that are available to you. Along with doctors at that particular hospital that I have found to be natural childbirth friendly.
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  • I see Dr. Schmidt with Premier OB/GYN of West Houston and recently delivered at Methodist West.  They also have an office and privileges at Memorial Hermann - Katy.  My experience was wonderful.  I ended up not going natural, but it was completely my choice and I was not pressured at all.  I only got drugs when I asked for them.  When talking about delivery options before hand, Dr. Schmidt was very receptive and encouraging about going drug-free.
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  • I too see Dr. Schmidt with Premier OB/GYN of West Houston. She and her staff are awesome! She has delivered my niece, nephew and my daughter! We had most of appts at methodist near barker cypress because of work location but had our baby memorial hermann katy because it was closer to home. Dr. Schmidt is open to anything, she is sucha  great doctor! And the labor and delivery at Memorial Hermann was incredible, the nurses are so compassionate. 
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  • So I realized I never updated this thread... I ended up with Dr. Cuong Nguyen in Sugar Land, and delivered at Methodist Sugarland.  Dr. Nguyen has a very small, personal practice in S.L. and encourages natural birth.  He has one of the lowest C-Section rates in Houston.  He is the only doc in the practice, so he WILL be the one delivering your baby (nice!).  During labor, he was patient, kind, and supportive, and didn't push any unnecessary intervention. Like pretty much all OB's, he had me laying on my back to push (yech) but was ok with me being upright while not pushing to try to let gravity do its work.  Most importantly, he does not force women into induction if not medically necessary!  He would have let me go 14 days past due if necessary, but my baby was born 5 days past due, so no big deal.  I highly recommend him if you are looking for a natural birth-friendly OB in Sugar Land.

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