Pregnant after 35


I have my CVS tomorrow on my twins, getting nervous!

How long did the procedure take?  Did they do any additional u/s while they were at it?  How long till you got your preliminary results back (I'm assuming for T13, T18, T21)?  TIA!

Me:40 AMA, DH:36 0% morph, TTC#1;
BFP#1 4/2011, MMC 6/2011 11wks Trisomy 13;
BFP#2 11/2011, CP
FSH: 17.9, AMH: 2.2
IVF#1 w/ICSI: ER 4/3: 5R,4M,4F
ET 4/6 All 4 (1-8A+, 2-8A-, 1-3A) BFP#3
Two weeks of beta hell = Blighted Ovum
IVF#2 Aug/Sept: ER 8/27: 4R,3M,3F
ET 8/30 (1-8A+, 1-6A+)
Beta#1 9/10: 350; Beta#2 9/12: 796; Beta#3 9/20: 9155
Expecting Boy/Girl Twins! My babies were born 4/23/13 at 36w1d!


Re: ***MrsJami***

  • Ok deep breath, I worked myself up way more than I should have. They did an u/s first and that also guides them. Each baby took about 90 seconds. It's pressure and discomfort but its so quick. They told me after each one if there was enough sample there was. I had it done on a Thurs and Monday I had prelim results for both babes. Final results a week later. Hang in there, I really feel this is what has given me peace. Hugs and let me know how you do!!! Oh and I found out gender at prelim!





    6/20/11 mc @ 5wks
    10/19/11 mc @ 17wks- Trisomy 18
    IUI #1 4/26/12 BFN
    Moving on to IVF in July
    37 with DOR...fabulous
    ER 7/14/12 6R 5F, ET 7/17 3 embies, beta #1 7/26: 147, beta #2 7/28: 326, beta#3 7/30: 422...ugh, beta#4 7/31: 607...hopeful, beta #5 8/2: 1280, beta #6 8/7: 7184 and u/s shows 1 possibly 2 sacs! 8/14 2 beautiful heartbeats! 9/24 we are TEAM BLUE!!!!!

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